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Capturing Mendoza’s Grape Harvest Festival on Instagram

To view more photos and videos from The Grape Harvest Festival, explore the Anfiteatro Griego Frank Romero Day location page and browse the #Vendimia hashtag.

Dating back to the 17th century, the Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia (“The National Grape Harvest Festival”) is one of Argentina’s most important celebrations. Every year, wine enthusiasts from all over the world gather in the city of Mendoza for fireworks, music, dancing and—of course—lots of wine. As part of the celebrations in the months leading up to the festival, pageants take place in Mendoza’s 18 provincial districts to crown local young beauty queens.

The Grape Harvest Festival officially kicks off with a parade where each queen rides in on an elaborate float decorated with grape harvest motifs. The queens wear costumes designed to celebrate the characteristics of their district’s winemaking. The following day, another traditional parade takes place featuring gauchos dressed in traditional cowboy attire.

The Grape Harvest Festival ends with a large show at the Frank Romero Day Greek Theater. When the clock strikes midnight, the new Grape Harvest Queen is crowned before a large crowd who have gathered to steal a glimpse of the new queen on her coronation night.

dia de la vendimia 

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